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Space Machines Launch

Space Machines launches largest Australian-built commercial spacecraft

Congratulations to Space Machines Company on launching the largest single Australian-built commercial spacecraft that will deliver transport and service capabilities in orbit. The Optimus Platform, is designed to provide servicing and protection for vital in-space infrastructure. The iLAuNCH Trailblazer and The Australian National University (ANU) enabled by ANU Institute for Space | InSpace has been a critical part of this space heritage, qualifying the Optimus transport and logistics platform for space.

Patrick Kluth, Paul Compston, and Victoria Zinnecker

Latest iLAuNCH Trailblazer project is cleared for launch

The latest iLAuNCH Trailblazer project with ANU and New Frontier Technologies will apply the design flexibility and speed of additive manufacturing technology to develop large-scale carbon composite structures for rockets.

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ANU InSpace hosts workshop on CAP engagement with the space sector

Space is about more than astronauts, rockets, and satellites. It’s about innovation, technological advancements, and making life better for people on Earth. Last week, InSpace facilitated a workshop with researchers from the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific to explore how space overlaps with current research areas such as international development, security, climate resilience, migration, gender, pop culture, health, and so much more.

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01-04-2024 10:00am - 01-04-2024 11:30am

CBR Space Breakfast

CBR Space Breakfast to be held in April 2024 at ANU InSpace HQ. Date TBD. Details coming soon.

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21-11-2022 04:00pm - 21-11-2022 06:00pm

ANU Institute for Space Showcase and SIAA Networking Drinks

In just one hour, the ANU Institute for Space will showcase some of the most exciting, cutting-edge research capabilities in Earth observation, advanced communications, space medicine, space situational awareness, space sector economics, space security and space governance. Drinks will follow the showcase with co-sponsors, the Space Industry Association of Australia, representatives from the space industry, Commonwealth and ACT governments, and researchers.

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23-08-2023 04:30pm - 23-08-2023 07:00pm

Space Medicine for Earthlings Industry Sundowner

From digital twins of the human body to medical access for remote communities, psychological impacts of deep space travel and ethical implications of obtaining consent for the unknown, the range of possibilities in space medicine is endless. Join us for an Industry Sundowner as we discusses these issues and more.

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