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The Australian Centre for Space Governance (ACSG) advocates for Australia’s interests in space in the 21st century and advances the agenda for responsible space governance.

Australia is at an inflection point as it grows its civil and defence space sector and emerges as a responsible space actor at a complex moment in geopolitical history. We have the potential to shape international norms of responsible behaviour in space, to contribute to solving the challenges of safety and sustainability in space, and to be world leaders in space applications such as communications, climate change response, space situational awareness, and regional security.

As Australia seeks to grow its sovereign capabilities, to partake in the global space economy, and to assert itself as a space middle power, a strong and deliberate foundation is required to underpin technological capabilities and operations. It is this foundation that will inform policies, strategies, and regulatory frameworks. The ACSG aims to support the building of this foundation. 

The ACSG brings together national expertise in space law, governance, policy, security, property, history, philosophy, and political and social sciences to answer these needs.

The ACSG is committed to the values of interdisciplinary collaboration, to safety, security, and sustainability in space, and to diversity and inclusivity in the space sector.

We will ensure that Australia fulfils its potential as a space middle power and that the national space sector engages fully with Indigenous Australians, incorporating Indigenous co-design and governance values to the use of land, sea, and skies for space activities.

Mission goals

  • Serve the nation’s space law and governance needs (Government, Industry, and broader stakeholders)
  • Provide space law and governance education and training nationally
  • Produce interdisciplinary research to solve national and global space governance challenges

ANU team


  • ACSG received a $950k contract from Geoscience Australia to research ‘Responsible Governance of Earth Observation Data’ and hired a postdoctoral researcher for two years to lead that research agenda.
  • ACSG was commissioned by Defence to design and deliver a one day ‘Space Security’ course to senior decision makers from 22 federal government departments, in collaboration with the ANU National Security College in August 2022.
  • ACGS appeared at, and made submissions to, the UN Open Ended Working Group on Reducing Space Threats Through Norms, Rules and Principles of Responsible Behaviours in Geneva in September 2022.
  • ACGS partnered with the ANU Global Institute for Women’s Leadership on consultations to the Australian Space Agency on diversity and inclusivity in the space sector.
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Breaking news

ACSG releases report on Australian attitudes to national space activities


Curious what the Australian public thinks about space? The Australian Centre for Space Governance (ACGS) answers this question in their first-of-its-kind report documenting Australian public attitudes towards space activities.