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InSpace identifies and focuses on research with national and international significance. Through targeting funding, Industry and Government collaboration, and community engagement, these programs become our Missions. The outcomes of these Mission align with the Australian Space Agency priority areas and Federal Government priorities in Defence, Home Affairs, and science.

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In addition to national and international contributions, ANU InSpace Missions form a critical link between researchers at ANU, the space infrastructure, and the global space industry. Our Missions are nationally recognised as major initiatives with substantial potential for research translation and immediate impact and return on investment.

ANU InSpace Missions benefit from an intense one-year period of work with a multidisciplinary team of ANU academics and world-class space industry professionals to boost their capacity and enhance their capability as we guide the program toward maturation. Through our robust networks, we raise awareness of each Mission’s impact in the space ecosystem, both nationally and internationally.

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Australian Centre for Space Governance

The Australian Centre for Space Governance (ACSG) advocates for Australia’s interests in space in the 21st century and advances the agenda for responsible space governance.
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ANU InSpace, in partnership with program leader University of Southern Queensland and with University of South Australia, and in collaboration with over twenty industry organisations, founded iLAuNCH – the Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications, and Hypersonics program. Together, we strive to build Australia’s sovereign space capability, through addressing critical gaps and accelerating development of a manufacturing sector.
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National Space Qualification Network

To help Australian industry successfully launch their products into space requires the highest level of reliability for mission success in extreme environments.  The NSQN will provide a combined total of $1 billion dollars of space qualification infrastructure for immediate, cost-effective testing and accelerated space mission design and delivery.
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NSW Space Research Network & ANU

ANU joined the NSW Space Research Network (SRN), bringing the ACT and NSW space research sectors together and offering research funding opportunities.
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Quantum Optical Ground Station

The Quantum Optical Ground Station provides a clear path to meet the growing global demand for space-to-ground communications and support the expanding satellite communications market.
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Resilience Mission

Catastrophic bushfires are increasing all over the world. It’s undeniable that Australia faces a future living with bushfires. Between climate volatility and a rise in extreme weather events, it’s vital that we work with our communities, our industries, and our governments to build our resilience infrastructure to ensure a safe environment for us all to live.
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SmartSat CRC & ANU

SmartSat CRC is Australia’s leading space research centre and a driving force for developing Australia’s space sector by supporting world-class research. The Australian National University is a core partner of SmartSat CRC.
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Space Gravity

Accelerating the development of innovative new gravity sensing technologies for Earth Observation and geodetic applications, the Space Gravity Mission is developing next-generation laser interferometry and inertial sensor payloads for international missions.