Missions NSW SRN hero - Night Sky with person. Credit Seth Lazar
Image credit: Seth Lazar

ANU joined the NSW Space Research Network (SRN), bringing the ACT and NSW space research sectors together and offering research funding opportunities.

The SRN’s vision is to drive transformational engagement and impact of ACT and NSW space research to bring novel capabilities to the Australian and International Space sectors.

The SRN aims to build and support a diverse community of space researchers, industry partners, and government entities by stimulating collaboration in research, development, and training with a focus on translation into the space sector through substantive industry engagement, collaborative projects, workforce development, and community outreach.

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SRN-funded ANU projects

Developing new conductive Kapton coatings for lunar dust mitigation to address a critical challenge in the exploration and utilization of the Moon’s surface.

ANU team lead: Karthika Prasad

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