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The ANU Institute for Space can connect you to the right people and resources to help your project achieve lift-off.

We have the resources to make things happen - from getting the smallest nano-satellite successfully off the ground to partnering with international agencies such as NASA and DLR to help land a rover on an asteroid.

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Latest news

US delegation visits Mt Stromlo  »

US Secretary of Commerce attends a networking reception and tour of AITC at Mount Stromlo Observatory

InSpace Laser Communications Program »

InSpace’s Laser Communications program will leverage existing ANU expertise to develop the infrastructure and technology required for a global, quantum-secured, optical communications network.
satellite dish

Australia is uniquely placed for the new race into space »

Australia's location and technology make it more than a bit player in the space based industries of the future. Professor Anna Moore, Director ANU InSpace explains why.
Water bubbles

Accelerating the water space-race »

Agriculturalists and astronauts have something in common - how to manage limited water resources. In space, sophisticated water filtration technology allows astronauts to re-use 93% of their water. Dr Caitlin Byrt tells us how.

To infinity and beyond – the past and future of space technology »

On 19th July, in celebration of Moon Week, Professor Anna Moore took to the stage to teach us all about the past, present and future of space technology accompanied by other experts in the field.

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