Australia seen from space

ANU Institute for Space

Space is no longer just about astronauts exploring our solar system or astronomers learning more about our universe. It’s about innovation, technological advancement and making life better for people on Earth. It’s about satellites and their valuable space data, space medicine advances that translate to your local hospital and rovers and robotics that work off-world and places on Earth humans can’t reach.

The Australian National University (ANU) Institute for Space (InSpace) is a unique national and cross-disciplinary organisation designed to create opportunities for ANU innovators to supercharge Australia’s space capability with technology that helps all Australians.

  • The ANU is home to world-leading space researchers and more than $130M of world-class space infrastructure;
  • InSpace specialises in connecting industry partners and teams of multidisciplinary researchers for effective solutions;
  • We guide innovation teams, supporting a holistic, systems approach to problem solving; 
  • Our researchers help the Australian and global space industries define future challenges and solutions in a variety of areas including advanced communications, Earth observation, space situational awareness and space law and ethics.

 Learn more or get in touch to  meet our space experts. Together we’ll innovate to deliver space-ready missions.

Space debris

22 Apr 2022

Anti-satellite weapons: the US has sworn off tests, and Australia should follow suit

Dr Cassandra Steer, Deputy Director of InSpace, tells the Conversation why Australia should take up the US invitation not to conduct tests of destructive, direct ascent anti-satellite missiles.

Researchers looking at new hyperspectral data

21 Apr 2022

Looking at plants from space gives us critical data we can’t get on Earth

It’s hard to imagine that you can learn more about something on Earth from space. When it comes to vegetation, satellites with new imaging capabilities will let us see a whole new set of data.

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