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We have the resources to make things happen - from getting the smallest nano-satellite successfully off the ground to partnering with international agencies such as NASA and DLR to help land a rover on an asteroid.

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Latest news

To infinity and beyond – the past and future of space technology »

On 19th July, in celebration of Moon Week, Professor Anna Moore took to the stage to teach us all about the past, present and future of space technology accompanied by other experts in the field.

ANU - InSpace joins forces with the Space French Agency (CNES) »

The ANU Institute for Space has signed a Framework Agreement with the French Space Agency on the 27th February 2019.
InSpace lifts off

InSpace lifts off »

The Australian National University has launched its new innovation institute, InSpace, which will bring together technology, science and law research to advance Australia's space industry.

New weapon in battle against space junk »

It may sound futuristic, but researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) and Tohoku University in Japan have found a new way of dealing with space junk.

ANU to offer businesses access to space-testing facilities »

The University is home to key national space resources and has capabilities to support the new space agency with broad expertise from science through to law and policy.

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