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ANU InSpace, in partnership with program leader University of Southern Queensland and with University of South Australia, and in collaboration with over twenty industry organisations, founded iLAuNCH – the Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications, and Hypersonics program.
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Supported by $50 million in funding from the Australian Government’s inaugural $362.5 million Trailblazer Universities Program, and with a total of $180 million to invest in industry research, commercialisation, and manufacturing, we are committed to Australia’s burgeoning space industry through growing our commercially viable civil rockets, rocket test and launch facilities, rapid satellite manufacturing, communication technologies, and integrated sensing systems. Ultimately this will prepare Australia for successful and sustainable space mission success.

The program’s comprehensive training, education, and outreach programs will help to produce the next generation of industry professionals. Its commercialisation branch will translate research outcomes into commercially viable products, simultaneously developing Australia’s sovereign capability in space and creating an industry which can deliver products onto the international market.

This holistic approach to a vibrant research and development ecosystem will contribute to attracting and retaining talent, as well as securing a pipeline of highly skilled workforce to regional Australia and create a legacy in space for the benefit of Australia and the Australian community.

ANU has the following projects with iLAuNCH:

Phase 1 projects

Manufacturing a space transportation and logistics platform

ANU team: Eduardo Trifoni

Industry partners: Space Machines Company

Carbon-fibre additive manufacturing for products for space: rocket body structures

ANU team: Professor Patrick Kluth

Industry partners: New Frontier Technology

Carbon-fibre additive manufacturing for products for space: protective nanomaterial coatings for satellite structures

ANU team: Professor Patrick Kluth

Industry partners: New Frontier Technology

Phase 2 projects

To be announced

Collaborative partners

Collaborative partners
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Space Machines Launch

Breaking news

Space Machines launches largest Australian-built commercial spacecraft


Congratulations to Space Machines Company on launching the largest single Australian-built commercial spacecraft that will deliver transport and service capabilities in orbit. The Optimus Platform, is designed to provide servicing and protection for vital in-space infrastructure. The iLAuNCH Trailblazer and The Australian National University (ANU) enabled by ANU Institute for Space | InSpace has been a critical part of this space heritage, qualifying the Optimus transport and logistics platform for space.