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InSpace does not offer classes or courses. If you are interested in pursuing a career in space, please contact the department you are interested in studying under at ANU. Our Mission Specialists work across all seven colleges, so it’s clear that no matter what your interests are, there is the potential for studying and working in a space-related field.

InSpace does not offer internships. We encourage you to directly contact any of our Mission Specialists whose research aligns with your interests. A full list of our Mission Specialists, their current research, and their contact details can be found on our Missions Specialists page.

Please connect with us on LinkedIn. When we are hiring, we will always advertise our positions on our LinkedIn page.

We host several events throughout the year, and we'd love to take those opportunities to network with you. A full list of our upcoming events can be found in our Media Centre.

Please also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for all our latest news and updates.

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