National Space Test Facility

A world-class testing facility for Australia and Asia Pacific.

World-class experts and facilities, outstanding track record

Learn about our internationally-recognised team and how they can guide you through the challenges of space testing for a successful mission.

AITC at Mt Stromlo

Thermal vacuum, thruster, vibration, EMC/EMI testing

A world-class facility with testing, scientific and engineering expertise in optics, mechanical design and software for space applications, as well as laser communications technologies.

HIAF tower at the Research School of Physics at the ANU Acton campus. [Image Credit: Yoshio Hinde]

Space radiation testing

World-leading expertise in radiation-induced materials damage and nuclear reactions, covering the wide range of energies relevant to space radiation and space medicine.

Radiative heat flux testing

Radiative heat flux testing for high-speed entry

This state-of-the-art facility simulates the extreme heat flux conditions experienced by spacecrafts and meteorites entering a planet’s atmosphere at high speed.