Space Machines launches largest Australian-built commercial spacecraft
Space Machines Launch

Photo and text provided by iLAuNCH.

Congratulations to Space Machines Company on launching the largest single Australian-built commercial spacecraft that will deliver transport and service capabilities in orbit.

The Optimus Platform, is designed to provide servicing and protection for vital in-space infrastructure. The iLAuNCH Trailblazer and The Australian National University (ANU) enabled by ANU Institute for Space | InSpace has been a critical part of this space heritage, qualifying the Optimus transport and logistics platform for space.

"This partnership to develop in-space transportation and logistics services opens a new global market opportunity while setting up enduring partnerships within the Australian space ecosystem," said iLAuNCH Trailblazer Executive Director, Darin Lovett.

"I was thrilled to support the experimental development of such an amazing mission. The Optimus Platform represents a game changer for Australia’s ambitions in space and the National Space Test Facility is at the forefront of this endeavour," said Eduardo Trifoni iLAuNCH Project Leader and Director of the National Space Test Facility.

iLAuNCH CTO Dr. Joni Sytsma shares her thoughts on qualifying the biggest Aussie satellite for LEO at National Space Test Facility's Wombat XL.

ANU InSpace is proud to have supported this Space Machines Company mission, enabling the experimental activities of the spacecraft at our National Space Test Facility, part of the iLAuNCH Trailblazer initiative.

"The Optimus Platform is the largest satellite tested in Wombat XL to-date," NSTF Director Eduardo Trifoni says, "but it is still far from its maximum capacity."

"This is a momentous moment for the Australian space industry," says InSpace Director Professor Anna Moore. "We look forward to continuing to further Australian launch success with our high-quality, reliable space qualification capabilities here at The Australian National University.

Below photos credit: Cristy Roberts, ANU