Latest iLAuNCH Trailblazer project is cleared for launch
Patrick Kluth, Paul Compston, and Victoria Zinnecker

Photo: ANU Prof Patrick Kluth with NFT's Paul Compston and Dr Victoria Zinnecker, PhD

Photo and text provided by iLAuNCH.

The latest iLAuNCH Trailblazer project with ANU and New Frontier Technologies will apply the design flexibility and speed of additive manufacturing technology to develop large-scale carbon composite structures for rockets.

"This is another world class approach to lay up space-grade carbon-fibre and then digitally model that for scale and repeatable design," said iLAuNCH Trailblazer Executive Director, Darin Lovett.

"Our world class facilities, expertise in precision manufacturing, and rigorous test and validation capabilities will help NFT mature and commercialise technology that will advance Australian manufacturing capability," said ANU Research School of Physics Professor Patrick Kluth.

"This is the only ATP manufacturing capability of its kind in Australia and has been proven in European (ESA) projects for the manufacture of high-performance composite structures for space applications," said NFT Director and CEO, Paul Compston.

Congratulations to the ANU and NFT teams on another iLAuNCH Trailblazer project going live!

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