ANU InSpace hosts workshop on CAP engagement with the space sector
InSpace CAP Workshop hero image

Space is about more than astronauts, rockets, and satellites. It’s about innovation, technological advancements, and making life better for people on Earth.

Last week, InSpace facilitated a workshop with researchers from the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific to explore how space overlaps with current research areas such as international development, security, climate resilience, migration, gender, pop culture, health, and so much more.

InSpace Deputy Director, Mission Specialists, Dr. Cassandra Steer, and Business Development Manager, Christopher Kourloufas led the group in discussions about how space data and technologies may enhance current research areas.

Going forward, there are several research opportunities in space cooperation, statecraft, and responsible uses of technology that will be further developed. Thank you to all the CAP researchers who took part!