2024 Air and Space Power Conference - InSpace takeaways
2024 Air and Space Power Conference - InSpace takeaways

"Space is not the frosting on the cake, it is the eggs in the batter.” (paraphrasing Chief of Space Operations U.S. Space Force General Chance Saltzman)

Last week, InSpace Business Development Manager Christopher Kourloufas attended the 2024 Air and Space Power Conference, which explored the theme of “Building Readiness and Resilience in National Air and Space Power across the Spectrum of Competition.” Chris was struck by General Chance Saltzman’s message that space, even though it’s still relatively new, is essential. This echo’s InSpace's exploration of space as critical infrastructure and the value in understanding the way space impacts our daily lives.

The conference last week was an opportunity to unpack the 2024 National Defence Strategy and hear from a range of military leaders and strategists. Of note, Secretary of Defence Greg Moriarty emphasised that the National Defence Strategy’s “uplift” of Defence’s space capabilities was crucially important in achieving the vision of an “Integrated Force.” Chris was encouraged to hear that collaboration and cooperation within Asia and the Pacific was seen to contribute to stability and prosperity in the region, as he has been working for the past several months on proactively developing opportunities for ANU researchers to contribute more expertise that will generate a positive impact for societies in the region.

Thank you to Air Marshal Rob Chipman AO, CSC, Chief of Air Force, as well as Lieutenant General John F., AO, DSC, Chief of Space and Cyber Force, for the kind invitation to Chris to attend this conference. It is so important for academia to understand the contemporary thinking on air and space power theory and practice. This is certainly an investment that will generate national resilience and adaptability in the long-run. Congratulations to the Air and Space Power Centre and the Directorate of Air Force Events teams for putting together a world-class event.