US delegation visits Mt Stromlo

Prof Ping Koi Lam and Dr Francis Bennet tour Secretary Ross around the AITC
21 October 2019

The collective teams of Mount Stromlo, including ANU InSpace, were thrilled to host a series of VIPs from the US and Australia on October 9th. The delegation included:

  • Mr Wilbur L. Ross Jr. United States Secretary of Commerce. 
  • His Excellency Arthur Culvahouse Jr. United States Ambassador to Australia.
  • Minister Gordon Ramsay MLA, ACT Attorney-General, Minister for Arts and Cultural Events; Government Services and Procurement; Business and Regulatory Service; Seniors and Veterans; Building and Quality Improvement.
  • Mr David Ball, Chief Executive Officer, Space Environment Research Centre.
  • Mrs Hilary Geary Ross, Wife of Secretary Wilbur Ross and prominent businesswoman.
  • Dr Megan Clarke AC, FTSE, Head, Australian Space Agency.
  • Mr Brendan Smyth, ACT Commissioner for International Engagement.

The event was organised by the ACT Government and US Embassy in order to show Secretary Ross and his party the front-of-the-line space technology and research facilities located at Mt Stromlo, for which he has a keen interest. This visit occurred ceremoniously after Secretary Ross, Prime Minister Scott Morison and Dr Megan Clarke signed an agreement committing Australia to support the US in their Moon to Mars exploration approach in September. Australia will provide $150 million for businesses and researchers to make the breakthroughs required to triple the Australian space sector by $12 million by 2030 and create 20,000+ jobs. This visit was a unique opportunity to showcase ANU leadership in space technology and research as well as our collaborations with US partners.

Professor Mick Cardew-Hall led the delegation. Their visit included a series of talks by our experts, including Professor Ping Koi LAM and Dr Francis Bennet before being taken on a tour of the AITC (Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre) and a networking lunch on the beautiful grounds of Mount Stromlo.

This is the beginning of what we anticipate to be an exciting and prosperous relationship between Australia and the US to work together on breaking the frontier of space technology and research.