The Space Law Podcast

We are entering a new era of space. While many people think of space as a “lawless frontier”, the reality is we’ve had a successful international legal framework for space since the beginning of the space age.

As our activities in space become more complex and exciting, there are many questions as to how to govern and regulate these new technologies, as well as the ways they impact our daily lives. How do we deal with arms control in space, and how do bodies of law like the law of armed conflict, environmental law, human rights, intellectual property, finance and insurance, national security, cyber law and treaty interpretation apply to space? What are the rules governing future activities like the mining of natural resources, or space tourism? What licences and permits are needed to launch and operate objects in space? And how does the Australian Space Agency and it’s counterparts in other countries govern national space activities?

Join Dr. Cassandra Steer as she talks about the key space law and policy issues facing us in the 21st century, with leading experts in space law from Australia and around the world, and other fields of law, which may surprise you in their application to space.


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