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A rocket lifts off

Is space part of your business plan?

There are big opportunities for companies planning their pivot.

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Eye with images reflecting in it

8 Sep 2021

Today, uncertainty is a given

What are the implications for decision-making when we don’t know what we don’t know?

2 Sep 2021

The ISS is deteriorating, but is there a bigger threat?

Cosmonauts have found more cracks in the ISS, but Mission Specialist Dr Doris Grosse argues space debris is a bigger threat.

Image of dry cracked Earth during drought.

25 Aug 2021

What space can teach us about droughts

The harsh environment of space may help us cope better with drought here on Earth.

Bushfire at night

19 Aug 2021

Australian Forest Fuel Monitoring from Space

We are releasing the OzFuel Pre-Phase A Study that highlights preliminary mission requirements and a staged pathway to meet Australia’s bushfire remote sensing needs. It means better data from #space to help on-the-ground firefighting teams.

Astronaut holding corn

12 Aug 2021

Growing food in space

Researching plants in space could change the way we grow crops on Earth.

11 Aug 2021

Is space infinite?

InSpace Director, Prof Anna Moore, answers the question 'What's beyond the observable universe?' for The Conversation.

29 Jul 2021

ANU InSpace: from an idea to defining the role of space in our world

Three years ago, InSpace was just an idea. Now our space experts are collaborating with the World Economic Forum.

27 Jul 2021

The Space Law Podcast

Space mining. It's not science fiction. It's an issue being tackled by the UN and countries around the world as our new race to space heats up. Check out episode nine with Dr Cassandra Steer and Professor Emeritus Steven Freeland!

Postcard from space Credit:

22 Jul 2021

Here’s how billionaires going to space will help you

It’s hard to see how billionaire joy rides to space will help people on Earth, but they will play an important role in the future of high-speed travel and healthcare.

18 Jun 2021

Two Mission Specialists awarded Moon to Mars Grants

Australia is behind Nasa's Moon to Mars mission and they want their researchers to be part of it. This week two InSpace Mission Specialists got funding to develop new technologies for future NASA space missions!