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Mission Specialist co-edits definitive space conflict book

What does space warfare mean for Earth? Dr Cassandra Steer co-edits new guide.

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11 Dec 2020

The Space Law Podcast

The race to mine the moon is on, but is it legal? Check out the latest episode of the Space Law podcast!

4 Dec 2020

Here’s how ANU space researchers will revolutionise fitness to fly tests

We can study how Australian space tourists will fare in space, here on Earth.

26 Nov 2020

It’s been a year since bushfire smoke blanketed parts of Australia

With so many COVID-related headlines, it’s easy to forget that about a year ago, the first bushfire smoke of the 2019-2020 bushfire season rolled in.

19 Nov 2020

Yes, COVID even affects asteroid sampling

The historic JAXA Hayabusa II asteroid-sample-return mission will land in Australia in early December, but COVID is changing how we retrieve these valuable samples.

12 Nov 2020

New Zealand’s first science satellite mission completes testing at the ANU National Space Test Facility

The Te Waka Āmiorangi o Aotearoa Mission is on the launchpad after space testing at the Australian National University.

Exploring our Universe - Prof. Anna Moore

26 Oct 2020

Young Stars: Exploring our Universe with Prof Anna Moore

Learn more about our universe, Australia's excellence in creating instruments for extremely large telescopes and how we are building Australia's space industry.

22 Oct 2020

Nature’s building blocks can help create better robots for space

Soft robots could play a critical role in space safety by doing dangerous jobs. Learn how plant proteins could power these robots.

9 Oct 2020

Watch World Space Week Virtual Events

Join the Australian National University and the ANU Institute for Space for World Space Week 2020. Check our suite of virtual events to introduce you to Australia's space industry and how space will affect your future.

28 Sep 2020

Celebrate World Space Week at ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) and the ANU Institute for Space (InSpace) are marking World Space Week, 4-10 October, with a suite of virtual events to introduce you to the challenges Australia faces in space and how you can join the growing Australian space industry.

24 Sep 2020

Surviving in space – plant proteins may hold the key

What can ANU researchers learn about growing crops in space, while we are here on Earth? A lot!