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Watch World Space Week Virtual Events

Join the Australian National University and the ANU Institute for Space for World Space Week 2020. Check our suite of virtual events to introduce you to Australia's space industry and how space will affect your future.

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8 Oct 2020

The Space Law Podcast

There's a new episode of the Space Law podcast just in time for World Space Week! Join space law expert and InSpace Mission Specialist Dr. Cassandra Steer as she explores the legalities of space mining and laws governing areas like the Antarctic, the high seas and space.

28 Sep 2020

Celebrate World Space Week at ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) and the ANU Institute for Space (InSpace) are marking World Space Week, 4-10 October, with a suite of virtual events to introduce you to the challenges Australia faces in space and how you can join the growing Australian space industry.

24 Sep 2020

Surviving in space – plant proteins may hold the key

What can ANU researchers learn about growing crops in space, while we are here on Earth? A lot!

17 Sep 2020

Here’s the science that will make self-driving cars a reality for Australians

InSpace Mission Specialist, Dr Simon McClusky of the Research School of Earth Sciences, is working with Geoscience Australia researchers to enhance navigation and positioning systems that will make precision robotic farming and mining possible and make self-driving cars a reality.

3 Sep 2020

ANU establishes advanced manufacturing capability for the Australian space sector

Advanced manufacturing creates high-performance carbon composites for better rocket components and telescopes. It's critical to growing the Australian space industry.

2 Sep 2020

Threatcasting our future in space

ANU is hosting CYBER: SPACE 2030 a threatcasting event focussed on protecting Australia's future in space.

6 Aug 2020

Next-gen solutions for today’s emergencies

Testimony at the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements highlights the value of satellite data before, during and after bushfires. Here's what ANU researchers are working on to help Australians during emergencies.

30 Jul 2020

Here’s why the race to Mars continues despite COVID

Why is the race to Mars continuing at such a rapid pace? ANU space law expert Cassandra Steer explains.

9 Jul 2020

Here’s how researchers are making space more sustainable

Rocket launches have serious atmospheric effects. ANU researchers are driving a more sustainable space ecosystem.

6 Jul 2020

Why outer space matters in a post-pandemic world

With all of the immense challenges we face on Earth this year, space can feel like an afterthought. It's actually an economic recovery tool for Australia.