Latest news from the InSpace team.

26 May 2020

A new infrared telescope, to be designed and built by astronomers at The Australian National University (ANU), will monitor the entire southern sky in search of new cosmic events as they take place.

21 May 2020

The National Space Test Facility (NSTF), hosted by The Australian National University (ANU) was selected as the first non-COVID-related research facility to reopen its doors to test a revolutionary piece of space equipment from Gilmour Space.

15 May 2020

The Australian Department of Defence announced a new research venture with industry and academia to build a mobile radio-frequency (RF)/optical hybrid ground terminal that can be moved to locations where it is most needed.

8 May 2020

How will changes to U.S. rules about satellites and orbital debris affect the Australian market and how can we effectively regulate dangerous space debris?

17 Apr 2020

There’s been another anti-satellite missile test. Should we be worried about a space arms race?

27 Feb 2020

Last week, the team from the ANU Institute for Space attended several Australian space events in Adelaide, including the 9th Australian Space Forum.

21 Oct 2019

US Secretary of Commerce attends a networking reception and tour of AITC at Mount Stromlo Observatory

5 Sep 2019

InSpace’s Laser Communications program will leverage existing ANU expertise to develop the infrastructure and technology required for a global, quantum-secured, optical communications network.


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