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Women in Space Morning Tea

Women in Space Morning Tea Sold Out!

ANU InSpace and Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia hosted the first-ever 'Women in Space Morning Tea' to celebrate World Space Week.

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A full moon over Artemis in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/Cory Huston
How glass is critical for the future of secure communication

19 Aug 2022

How glass is critical for the future of secure communication

The theme of this year's National Science Week is 'Glass: More than meets the eye.' To develop the next generation of communication, glass is critical.

Australia seen from space

21 Jul 2022

ANU space researchers set to add expertise to critical Defence projects

ANU InSpace is joining partners like Airbus to support the development and space qualification of mature leap-ahead technologies for the Australian Defence Force.

Verification code on smart phone

29 Jun 2022

Is that one-time security code really random? And why does it matter?

We encounter random numbers a lot as verification codes for online accounts or transactions. But are they truly random? Mission Specialist Prof Ping Koy Lam, leads the team that created the world's most popular online quantum random number generator. He explains how truly random numbers make our lives better.

Retired Air Vice Marshal Tracy Lee Smart, AO, a Professor of Military and Aerospace Medicine and former Public Health Lead of the COVID Response Office at the Australian National University.

22 Jun 2022

InSpace Mission Specialist Prof Tracy Smart attends top aerospace medicine meeting in the world

The latest developments in space medicine are showcased at the US Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA) annual meeting. InSpace Mission Specialist Prof Tracy Smart was there.

The cover of the InSpace Annual Report showing a rocket taking off

9 Jun 2022

InSpace releases its first annual report

Learn more about the next generation of space and how it can change your life in our annual report.

This is an image of a new telescope that will make optical communication possible.

25 May 2022

The next generation of communication is closer than you think

A new telescope that will help make the next generation of communication possible has arrived at ANU.

Space debris

22 Apr 2022

Anti-satellite weapons: the US has sworn off tests, and Australia should follow suit

Dr Cassandra Steer, Deputy Director of InSpace, tells the Conversation why Australia should take up the US invitation not to conduct tests of destructive, direct ascent anti-satellite missiles.

Researchers looking at new hyperspectral data

21 Apr 2022

Looking at plants from space gives us critical data we can’t get on Earth

It’s hard to imagine that you can learn more about something on Earth from space. When it comes to vegetation, satellites with new imaging capabilities will let us see a whole new set of data.

1 Apr 2022

NASA stops at ANU on way to moon and Mars

The ANU Institute for Space and ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science welcomed Badri Younes, a Deputy Associate Administrator at NASA.