Young Stars: Building the Universe Brick by Brick

The universe started with a big bang. Let's retrace our steps back to the beginning of time, and create our own universes with LEGO.

For National Science Week 2021, the Young Stars will build a model of the Universe as it grew from the Big Bang to today, using LEGO!

The kids will get to see how matter evolved over billions of years, and get hands-on with their own LEGO, which we will provide for those in the ACT thanks to 'Inspiring The ACT'.

Starting with the fundamental particles, represented by LEGO bricks, we will build up more complicated structures recreating the cooling of the Universe and fusion in Stars.

Each participant will be given a part of the Universe’s evolutionary timeline to build. Some will make ‘nuclei’ and ‘atoms’, while some will consider ‘subatomic’ particles.

Join us in this cosmic adventure to build your own universe, brick by birck.

Suitable ages: Do you like LEGO? or 6+

But if you're older and interested, join anyway!


(COVID permitting) For ACT Residents

-A small number of ACT residents will be able to join us in-person
-The venue will be ANU Physics Link Studio
-Participation in this session will be on a first-come best-dressed basis
-We will be observing COVID-safe protocols and encourage physical distancing
-Register using the ''In-Person: ACT'' ticket on Eventbrite

For People Outside Australian Capital Territory
-You'll be able to join us via Zoom Live at the same time as ACT residents
-Register using the ''Online: Mission Control'' ticket on Eventbrite
-If you have LEGO at home, you can just chime in
-If you don't have LEGO, don't worry about getting new ones, just chime in 
More details to follow in the upcoming weeks via email.

Closing Date
Registrations will close on Fri, 20 Aug, 5:30 pm.

Zoom Details
Zoom details will be shared on Fri, 20 Aug, 6 pm.