Watch 2020 World Space Week events now!

InSpace ANU

This year the Australian National University (ANU) and the ANU Institute for Space (InSpace) marked World Space Week with a suite of virtual events to introduce you to Australia's space industry, our capabilities in space and how space research today will change the future of our nation. 

You can watch these events below to learn more about how ANU researchers are looking to create innovative solutions for Australia as we work to shift our nation to meet the changing world standards for space-based economies.


Australia in space: Where are we headed?

How do you conduct space research on Earth? Find out more about future space technologies being developed at ANU and how Australia's space industry is growing and changing.

Join Professor Brian Schmidt and Professor Anna Moore as they discuss Australia's space future.


Women in Australia’s Space industry

Only 17% of Australia's STEM-qualified workforce are women. With the Australian space industry set to triple in size in the next ten years, what can we do to make sure women are included and that diverse viewpoints are commonplace in this growing sector? 

Join today's female leaders of the space industry to hear more about creating a diverse space workforce and how young people can aim for a career in space.


Renewable fuels in space and aerospace

Rocket launches have serious atmospheric effects. ANU  engineers  and the ANU Energy Change Institute  are driving a more sustainable space ecosystem  with innovative fuel technologies like hydrogen. 

 Join Professor Wojciech Lipiński and Dr Kenneth Baldwin to hear more about these initiatives.


Helping bushfire managers from space

What will Australia face during the future bushfire seasons? Is there anything we could be doing differently to mitigate risks and give on-the-ground firefighting teams more tools for success? ANU Institute for Space (InSpace) Mission Specialist Dr Marta Yebra, Director of the ANU Bushfire Initiative is focussed on giving Australians a better view of our bushland in the future and developing a revolutionary national system to detect fires as soon as they start, and put them out within minutes through an innovative bushfire satellite constellation and on-ground sensor network. She talks about her plans with the ANU Institute for Space Director, Professor Anna Moore.


Space environment

It's shocking, but no one knows how many satellites, or broken pieces of satellites, orbit our Earth. You may not have heard of it yet, but space debris and space environmentalism are already informing how we use space to improve life on Earth. Hear from space environmentalists, optical engineers and a space law expert to find out how ANU is working to build a safe, secure, sustainable future in space.