What we do

The Australian National University’s Institute for Space is building Australia’s leadership in the global space industry and community.


  • advocate for growing Australia’s space capability
  • invest in space R&D to meet national priorities
  • drive innovation and collaboration across ANU
  • connect ANU researchers with global partners in innovation
  • facilitate commercialisation of new space technology and services, and
  • cultivate the next generation of space innovators.

Our world-leading expertise and growing capabilities

Advanced communications: the future of communications

Leading the development of a global, quantum-secured optical communications network

Earth observation data insights – understanding bushfire risk

Understanding bushfire threat relies on knowing how much fuel an area has and how dry it is. We’re designing a satellite to get that information.

Low-noise infrared observations of Earth and space

Infrared light emission is a key diagnostic signature for numerous features and events in the Universe. ANU’s capability in low-noise infrared sensors is a potential paradigm change in the design of space missions.

Red and beyond

The Red & Beyond program will position ANU and Australia as the world leader in infrared space missions. It builds on decades of excellence in leading astronomical imaging and applies advanced infrared detector technology to Earth observation.

Space Law

Australia has an opportunity to become a leading jurisdiction for regulation of commercial space use. ANU can help achieve this by creating licensing and liability regimes and a dispute resolution system, securing the confidence of commercial parties and national governments.

Space situational awareness – protecting assets in orbit

There are thousands of objects in orbit around the planet - a collision could set off a cascade and cripple the global communication systems.