Space situational awareness and debris monitoring

Collisions in space with debris pose a risk to space assets that are crucial for our daily life. In order to enable a safe, secure and sustainable space environment for all space activities, there is a need for transparency and predictability. Space Situational Awareness (SSA) can contribute to this, however the global challenge is the accuracy of data, the ability to share data, and accountability for activities which may undermine the safety, security or sustainability of space.

At ANU, we seek to provide the data and technologies necessary to increase the safety, security and sustainability of space operations by leveraging technologies and infrastructure from astronomy to enhance space object tracking capacities and capabilities as well as space object characterisation capabilities through technology transfer between these two fields. ANU is uniquely positioned for this type of research, because it can tap into the rich knowledge base of world class astronomical instrumentation scientists and their developed and established technologies that are aimed to be applied to SSA.

Through the Australian Centre for Space Governance, we also seek to incentivise responsible behaviour in space by tracking compliance with national and international norms regarding space debris mitigation, freedom from interference, and sustainability of outer space activities. We seek to endorse and promote compliance with these international norms.

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