InSpace coordinates space-related activity and supports superior research performance across the ANU. We match world-class researchers with astronomers and fund their work to create unique space research missions built on innovation and collaboration. Our work ultimately supports the ten priority areas of the Australian space industry.

Access to Space

Australia's unique geographical location means we can leverage international space missions and commercial launch activities to grow our space industry.

Communications technologies and services

Space is crucial for robust communications.

Australian Defence


The Australian space industry can provide innovation to support Australia's national defence capabilities.

Earth Observation

Earth observation (EO) has untapped potential to grow Australia’s economy.

Home Affairs

Space initiatives protect all Australians.

Leapfrog R&D

We can transform our space sector and leapfrog into new areas.

Position, navigation and timing

Australia's position, navigation and timing infrastructure needs to be world-class to underpin the growth of the broader economy.

Robotics and automation on Earth and in space

Australia can leverage its expertise in robotics technology and systems for remote operation and exploration in space.


The Australian space industry supports economic growth and job creation by furthering the national science agenda.

Space situational awareness and debris monitoring

Australia’s geographical position makes it an ideal location for space debris tracking and space traffic management activities.​​​​​​​