Each year, ANU InSpace focuses on several flagship missions to supercharge Australia’s space capability.

These missions align with Australian Space Agency priority areas and the federal government priorities in Defence, Home Affairs and Science. They are chosen to drive national action and link the global space industry to the world-class space infrastructure and world-leading space industry researchers at the ANU. 

ANU is dedicated to crossing perceived discipline boundaries to create collaborative space missions that make life better for all Australians.

Dome with laser for advanced communications

Advanced Communications

Australia needs sovereign advanced communication capability. Our team of experts is building that future right now.

Mesh web with gps points

Advanced communications infrastructure for industry

InSpace researchers are developing tools and infrastructure for industrial space applications.

Futuristic legal symbol

Australian Centre for Space Governance

The Australian Centre for Space Governance advocates for Australia’s interests in space in the 21st century, and advances the agenda for responsible space governance.

ANU InSpace office

InSpace HQ

We're developing a new headquarters and space industry innovation hub in the heart of Canberra's CBD.


The National Space Qualification Network​ aims to build a national testing capability for space exploration hardware, missions, satellites and permanent space stations.

Aerial image of a bushfire with the OzFuel Mission logo


In 2020, bushfires cost Australians billions in socio-economic and environmental impacts. We're building a satellite to remotely sense bushfire risks and understand where fires may start.


Space gravity measurements

Space gravity measurements are new in the 21st Century. They provide unique Earth observation data for quantifying mass change like melting of polar ice sheets and increasing ocean mass.

We invest in incubator initiatives

At InSpace, we value research at many different levels of readiness. We support many multidisciplinary projects at different stages in their lifetimes.