InSpace engages with the global space industry to showcase the cross-disciplinary work that helps our Mission Specialists deliver research excellence. This advocacy and engagement is helping to build the Australian space industry, triple our space workforce and gain access to global space projects.

In addition to global industry partners, we collaborate with astronomers, physicists, engineers, environmental scientists, medical professionals, policy researchers, legal specialists, business experts, and research teams who use more than $200 million worth of world-class, space R&D facilities located at ANU.

We have agreements, partnerships and collaborative projects with international space agencies across the world including NASA (United States), ESA (European), DLR (Germany), CNES (France), NZSA (New Zealand), and JAXA (Japan).

Additionally, InSpace team members are influential advocates for space innovation. They represent the ANU, its space capability and world-leading research expertise by joining and leading influential groups shaping the future of Australia’s space industry.

Australian Space Agency Technical Advisory Groups

Nine InSpace community members are involved with five of the Australian Space Agency’s Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), which shape 10-year, national roadmaps for each of these areas:

  • Earth Observation
  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Communication
  • Space Medicine and Life Sciences
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing

InSpace TAG members contributed to the development of the ASA Communications Technologies and Services Technical Roadmap, the Bushfire Earth Observation Taskforce Report, and the ASA Earth Observation Technical Roadmap.

Australian Space Industry Leaders Forum

Professor Anna Moore is a member of the Australian Space Industry Leaders Forum. The forum provides input into Australia’s national civil space strategy and policy, along with industry representatives and associations and other non-government space organisations.

Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Space and Radio Science

Associate Professor Francis Bennet is a member of the National Committee for Space and Radio Science (NCSRS) which aims to foster the space and radio sciences in Australia. Professor Anna Moore is an observer. NCSRS links Australian space and radio scientists with relevant scientific societies and overseas space and radio scientists.

Standards Australia SV-001 Committee for Space System and Operations

François Lambert of InSpace Mission Control sits on this mirror committee of the International Standard Organization's ISO/TC 20/SC 14 Committee. His role focuses on informing the technical discussions on space situational awareness and orbital debris mitigation, with a regulatory angle, especially in relation to low earth orbit constellations.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Space

Dr Doris Grosse is a member of The Global Future Council on Space, part of the World Economic Forum. The council serves as a global brain trust for leaders. It brings together experts to discuss the global space sector’s most critical issues, including space traffic management, environmental and climate monitoring and the future of space exploration.

InSpace also partnered with the World Economic Forum to develop its Space Strategic Intelligence Transformation Map to help people around the world understand the future of space and its influence in other sectors. 

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems Optical Communication Standards Working Group

Associate Professor Francis Bennet is an observer member of the optical communication standards working group, which helps to develop standards for optical communications that support optical communication systems for both Low Earth Orbit and Deep Space robotic and human-rated spacecraft.

Committee on Earth Observation Satellites

Associate Professor Marta Yebra is a member of the Working Group on Disasters (Wildfire), part of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites. The global group is chaired by NASA and explores collaborative pathways for the use of satellite imagery for disaster risk reduction, including risk mitigation of wildfires in Canada, Australia, Europe, the US.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Australia Space Committee

Director of InSpace, Professor Anna Moore, is a member of The American Chamber of Commerce in Australia Space Committee which supports the development of the Australian space sector. Anna was recently part of its delegation to the Australian Parliament.