Prof Penny King

Research School of Earth Sciences

Prof. Penny King's research group examines surface and interior processes on planetary bodies. The group aims to understand the fundamental aspects of how materials in the solar system behave and how to identify them using remote and infrared techniques. Knowing how materials change under different conditions allows us to predict planetary environments (in the past and future) and to make better tools to explore active processes on the Earth’s and beyond, including the effects of climate change.  Dr. King has published more than 80 journal articles and book chapters and has edited two books. She is passionate about improving opportunities for career pathways for diverse groups in the workplace.

Professional Experience

  • Fellow – Senior Fellow – Professor Research School of Earth Sciences – Australian National University 2012-2015-2019-

  • Research Professor – Dept. Earth & Planetary Sciences - Univ. New Mexico (UNM) 2008-2012

  • Senior Research Scientist III – Inst. Meteoritics – UNM 2007-2011

  • Assistant & Associate Professor (Tenured) – Dept. Earth Sciences – Univ. Western Ontario (UWO) 1999-2007


  • Fellow - American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2019
  • AGU Joanne Simpson Medal for Mid-Career Scientists 2019
  • Fellow - Mineralogical Society of America 2019
  • ANU VC's Staff Excellence Award - Clare Burton Award for Equity and Diversity 2017
  • Senior Fellow - Higher Education Academy 2017
  • Australian Research Council Future Fellowship 2014-18
  • NASA Group Award: MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) APXS Team 2013, 2015
  • Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer 2005
  • Premier's Research Excellence Award (Ontario, Canada) 2002
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (New Opp.) 2000
  • Ontario Innovation Trust award (Canada) 2000
  • Sigma Xi Honorary Member 1999

Visiting and adjunct positions

  • Adjunct Prof., Physics Dept.and Special Graduate Faculty, School of Env. Sci. – Uni. Guelph, Canada 2011-15
  • Adjunct Research Professor – Dept. Earth Sciences – UWO, Canada 2007-12
  • Visiting Scholar – Dept. Earth & Planetary Sci., Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville – USA 2005
  • Visiting Assistant Professor – Dept. Geology – ASU – USA 1999
  • Adjunct Professor – Dept. Geology – Mesa Community College 1999