Dr Paul Tregoning

Research School of Earth Sciences

Professor Paul Tregoning is a geophysicist who uses space-geodetic observations to study changes in the Earth caused by different geophysical processes such as tectonic deformation, climate-driven variations in sea level and polar ice caps, tidal deformation etc. His research over the past two decades has included studies of:

  • Inter-seismic strain accumulation in active tectonic regions
  • Present-day sea level variations around the Australian coastline
  • Hydrological processes and the ocean/continent exchange of water
  • Mass balance changes in polar regions
  • The elastic loading of the Earth through atmospheric pressure and hydrological loading processes
  • Modelling high-accuracy satellite orbits 
  • The retardation of signals propagating through the Earth's atmosphere

He is a member of the GRACE-FO space gravity Science Team and a Fellow of the IAG. Since 2014, he has been an Editor of Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth.